SwissGeoPower (SGP) sets off for new shores, having achieved milestone 1, see below.

The other parts of the webpage will be up-dated soon.


Nevertheless, our 2 products remain the same.

  • Plasma-Pulse Geo-Drilling (PPGD), unrivaled cost-efficient, mainly in hard rock
  • Geothermal Power Plant (GPP): scalable, decentralized, autonomous, 24/7 electricity



Substantial contribution to cope with the climate change by clean, ubiquitous and inexhaustible geothermal energy cheaper than fossil or nuclear energy;   see .

Therefore, SGP has been cooperating with both academia (ETH, Fraunhofer-Institut et al) and industry (reputed engineering and consulting companies as „Basler&Hofmann“, „Farner“ and several others)



Sustainable production of 24/7 energy (electricity and heat)    –   i.e. economically efficient, ecologically reasonable and socially accepted   –   thus, WITHOUT fracking.



Development and commercialization of PPGD, characterized by utmost low cost, thus, enabling a most cost efficient achievement of both

  • reaching of great depths with temperatures higher than 200° C and
  • drilling a geothermal heat collector of sufficient length in great depths, since cost efficient power production requires temperatures over 200° C.



Heat collector is the fracking-free „CLOSED Loop System“ (CLS), in contrast to the up-to now common OPEN „Enhanced Geothermal System“ (EGS), which requires the socially banned fracking.

Our earlier approach with ultra-deep probes of co-axial tubes as heat collector, as well known in shallow geothermics, has been discarded and replaced by CLS.

Principally, the CLS is comparable to eavor’s „Daisy chain system“, which is closed as well and already built, in cooperation with Shell and other reputed participants, see:  and .

As mentioned in the broadcast, 100 km were drilled in only 2.5 km depth, which is remarkable. PPGD enables SGP to go deeper. According to numerical simulations by ETH/GEG a triangular CLS as heat collector   –   with a horizontal 7.5 km long single tube in 7.5 km depth and with most probably the same working fluid as eavor . –   renders 1 MWe.



to implement our tactics

HEUREKA, SGP has achieved already the most risky milestone 1 of 6.


Milestone 1   (done)

„10 cm PPGD in granite with a ROP (rate of penetration) over 2 m/h“

Milestone 1 has been performed by our world-wide unique „Swiss PPGD-Shallow_CU“, see …….  CU stands for „Factory workshop at the wasteland Chemie Uetikon“.  Unique is the plant, because it enables to vary all decisive parameters, relevant for the PPGD process, in a broad range, allowing the proper optimization of PPGD.

Precursory, the proof of concept, as the first step of milestone 1, has been rendered by a 1:5 PPGD model for three types of rock, see ; password:  swiss-ppgd-2017

Besides the successful drilling, as explained above, SGP cooperates with ETH/GEG, , in a running Innosuisse research Project, investigating both the feasibility of PPGD under high pressures (up to 1000 bar) and high temperatures (up to 200° C) and the numerical simulation of the borehole stability, as well as of the heat collection and generation by a GPP. In the meantime, the „Fraunhofer Institute/Geothermalcenter Bochum“,  has joined the cooperation.

In addition and within Milestone 1, SGP has been mandated by ETH with the design, engineering and manufacturing of a „Single-Pulse-Marx-Generator“ for CHF 175’000.- . This is SGP’s first project, ordered against payment.


Milestone 2

  • 1 m PPGD in granite, with ROP > 2 m/h, in the lab (CU) and
  • squeezing/compressing the „Swiss PPGD-Shallow_CU“ plant in order to be mounted on a truck with a hanger
  • R&D focusing on a „Down Hole Pulse-Generator“ (DHPG), based on the cable principle instead of the Marx principle, as applied for the „Swiss PPGD-Shallow_CU“ plant.


Milestone 3

300 m Directional PPGD in limestone at the „Versuchs-Stollen Hagerbach/Flums/CH“, performed by the truck mounted PPGD device.


Milestone 4

Iceland: Launching of the very first GPP, established by PPGD.

a) UP-stream (collecting and hoisting of the geothermal heat):    Implementation of a 300 m deep CLS as heat collector by the truck mounted PPGD device,

b) DOWN-stream (generation, distribution & utilization of electricity):    Multiples scalable, decentralized, autonomous GPPs are planned, somehow similar to Climeon’s concept, see .


Milestone 5

With the successful development of a DHPG, equipped with a cable generator instead of a Marx generator, a new market emerges. Because SGP will be in the position to drill the doublets   –   as common in Hydro-Geothermics   –   much cheaper than by means of Rotary drilling, which is up to now the practically only deep drilling technology, available on the market.


Milestone 6

The very first 1 MWe GPP for Switzerland shall be established at the boarder between the cantons of Zurich and Aargau, adjacent to the area with the highest geothermal temperatures, see……….. .